Become A Professional Proofreader With Online Proofreading Courses

If you are an author looking to improve your writing skills, or you are looking for a new career in the editorial field, learning how to copyedit and proofread with online proofreading courses will take you a long way. With both classroom and virtual proofreading courses available, students can learn how to develop specialized skills […]

Proofreading Jobs

Proofreading jobs are a great way to get into the writing business. Considered rather low on the ladder, and oftentimes even considered outside of the realm of true writing work, it is a great way to get your foot in the door at a publishing house, or when pursuing work online. This basic work can […]

How To Write A Horror Script: Tips To Help Your Writing

Horror movies can contain some of the most thought provoking writing and story elements of all film. However, most horror films used to thrill and scare the audience without much thought to a gripping narrative. As a would-be horror writer, you must think about all of the elements that make up a good story as […]

How to Write a Radio Script

Writing a radio script is different from writing a book or figuring out how to write a script for a play in many ways. The first thing you need to remember is that your only medium is the listener’s sense of hearing. You need to paint the picture of the scenery, mood, suspense, and romance, […]

How to Write a Script for a Movie

The majority of people do not know how to write a script for a movie. They might have an excellent plot but lack the necessary formatting skills. Others may know how to format but lack the ability to create an engaging story. If you want to be successful in Hollywood, you must know how to […]

How to Write a Film Script

Writing a script for a film is much different than writing a short story or a novel, though many writers who know how to write a good story in any form can write a good script once they learn the basics. An interesting bit of information regarding this is that Ann Rice actually wrote the […]

How to Write a Script for a Play

To learn how to write a script for a play, you have to open up your imagination. If the play is ever performed, the only instructions the actors have is what you put in the play script. You need to imagine exactly how you want the play acted out and portray that in the script […]

Learning How to Write Movie Scripts

When learning how to write movie scripts there are four important parts to the process that aspiring screenwriters need to understand to complete a script. Those are fleshing out a movie idea, developing a treatment, script formatting, and finally the writing itself. Each part builds on the next in order to give you the very […]

For The Beginner Scriptwriter: Tips On How To Write A TV Script

Scriptwriting can be one of the hardest jobs in the world. If you are creative and enjoy writing, it may be ideal for you, but that is not to say it does not get difficult. Writing for TV can be especially hard. You constantly have to come up with new, unique ideas that are going […]

How to Write a Script

To become recognized in your writing career it is important to produce a script to really show people your ideas, and share creative minds. The following piece on how to write a script should be beneficial for new writers hoping to gain a career in their chosen field. The first step is to work on […]