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We all are aware that readers online are not interested in wordy and long articles. In fact most people do not even concentrate reading half of the articles and instead just skip to the highlighted bullets or headings. A lot of people call this speed reading but speed reading implies reading each and every sentence a bit faster by only reading two to three words in a sentence and understanding what it means. The F Pattern, however, is something a little different that has risen in recent research.

What is the F Pattern?

“F” stands for Fast Pattern which also happens to resemble the letter “F.” Recent researches have observed the eye movements of many readers that were attempting to read most of the articles online. The pattern that the eyes shaped was quite different than that of a school reader. Instead of concentrating on each and every word or sentence, a lot of the online readers seem to be concentrating on a fixed pattern.

The end result was that observers found that most of their subjects were reading the precious articles so fast that most of the eye contact and concentration was mostly in places on the page that seem to form a vague F shaped pattern. They determined that the pattern then included the following components:

  • Main Horizontal Movement – The top bar of the F shaped reading pattern as readers most commonly read it completely from left to right; correlates with the very first part of the article.
  • Secondary Horizontal Movement  Having a good idea of what the intro was about readers now skip to the middle of the article and start reading from left to right looking for important information, this movement is usually only half way through as readers tend to move to the next line whenever they found something wasn’t interesting.
  • Vertical Movement – Readers are normally skipping down to the next segments of the article but still give concentration to the very first few phrases of the articles. This is why this movement is very slow and often skips. However, it is still a significant movement and people are still attempting to read the content at the beginning in of each line.

Significance of the F Pattern

Knowing the F reading pattern, people can now come up with ways to format their articles to allow important and significant information only in the important areas. This also allows ad companies to place ads only in areas that receive the highest eye contact.

This finding also shows us that users won’t read long and wordy articles completely. They tend to tire themselves out so they only concentrate on the first few phrases of the articles and follow up only on the parts that interest them the most.

Secondly it tells us that the top part of the article must contain the most important information that is the two horizontal movements as this is where readers spend most of their time trying to understand the articles. Such information is significant to authors and writers, because only now can they put in the most significant information in the area which gets the most attention.


Ah, yes, what is SEO writing? Is it keyword stuffed nonsense that is solely created to attract search engine traffic, or is it masterfully crafted content that incorporates thoughtful keyword selections and surrounds those keywords with excellent relevant content. My vote is for the latter. SEO content writing is essentially the icing on the cake of a solidly built foundation that incorporates clean and well-structured code, and simple and easy to crawl taxonomy and site structure. It takes a lot of planning and a bit of skill to pull it off properly.

What Good SEO Writing Is Not

Let’s quickly go over what SEO writing is not, and hopefully this will clear up any misconceptions that you have.

  1. Keyword stuffed garbage – Some people seem to think that all you have to do is get the right keyword phrase, and only that one keyword phrase, into an article as many times as possible in order for it to rank. This is absolutely wrong. The Algorithm is pretty smart. As long as you get the right keyword phrases in a couple of places, and surround it with relevant content, Google will figure it out.
  2. A Recipe for Automatic Ranking – No matter how good your keyword selection is, and how well you’ve incorporated these selections into your content, an article is not going to rank on these merits alone. You have to have a solid (authoritative in your niche) domain, and/or you have to get links to your article. This is done a myriad of ways, but backlinking methods are beyond the scope of this article.

So What Makes for Good SEO Writing?

  1.  Great keyword selection – Good SEO content requires a solid amount of planning with good keyword selection and grouping. I go more into how to write seo articles in the article linked to there, but it’s a process of finding semantically related keywords, and grouping them according to similarity. You want to target the phrase you think will be the most visitors or the best, most qualified visitors if you are selling something.
  2. Including your keyword in the title (and URL) – Once you’ve planned out your content strategy, you will have 1 main keyword for each article and several secondary longtail keyword phrases. Your main keyword should be incorporated into the title, but the title doesn’t have to consist only of the keyword phrase. In the case of this article here, you can probably tell I’m targeting the phrase “What is SEO writing?.” This makes for a good title in and of itself, but there are other phrase like “SEO Content” that would make for a pretty lame title. Your URLs should also match your titles. If you use WordPress this is accomplished by using the “Post Name” version of the URLs. More on that at the WordPress website here.
  3. Thoughtful keyword placement – As a general rule, you want to have your keyword not only in the title, but somewhere in the intro, conclusion, and up to a few times within the content. You don’t have to repeat the phrase over and over, and having multiple similar phrase will establish the content piece as being about the keyword you’re targeting. Don’t follow the old rules of having the keyword in your content at 3 or 4 percent, because this will probably look ridiculous especially if you are targeting a 3 or more word phrase. It would look pretty stupid if I just wrote “What is SEO content writing” throughout this article, wouldn’t it? It looks kinda stupid right there, but that’s okay, it had to happen.
  4. Written for people first, the machine second – Despite its apparent omniscience, The Google Algorithm is just a machine, albeit a clever one. You do have to feed it the right information (keywords) in order for it to know how to classify your content. Never remember though, that Google isn’t your audience or your customer. You’re always writing for your audience or customers first, so be helpful, and interesting while incorporating your keyword phrase. This is a difficult skill to master, but if you’re good, like me, you can do it almost effortlessly. If you can’t get the hang of it you can always hire an SEO content writer. Me, for example.

Hopefully I’ve answered that deep burning question: what is SEO writing? If you have any further questions, you can always leave a comment below.


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