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Proofreading jobs are a great way to get into the writing business. Considered rather low on the ladder, and oftentimes even considered outside of the realm of true writing work, it is a great way to get your foot in the door at a publishing house, or when pursuing work online. This basic work can prove that you are reliable and have a eye for detail which are both great qualities in employees looking to advance to copy editing work and beyond.

A proofreading job isn’t the same as a copy editing job, though many people outside of the writing business assume that it is. Copy editing involves the formatting of text to be published as well as ensuring that the text is correct, concise, and factually accurate. These duties may overlap with a proofreaders duties, and sometimes may even be lumped into one job.  This is especially true in online publishing environments where accuracy may be considered less important than getting a message out quickly; online, small corrections can be made after publication if necessary.

In general though, a proofreader’s job typically consists of ensuring that copy is free of typos and has correct punctuation.  They don’t tend to work with the context and semantics as that is the job of a copy editor.  They might not even technically “read” the material at all, at least not to a deep comprehensive degree.  A basic proofreader’s job is to ensure commas and periods are in the right place, and that the right words are capitalized, and that everything is spelled correctly and free of typographical errors.

One of the most attractive things about proofreading work is that there are quite a few freelance and online opportunities.  You can find job marketplaces online, like, that offer freelance proofreading jobs on single job, or single project basis.  These online proofreading jobs are quite plentiful, and you should have no problem finding suitable jobs to get some experience under your belt, even if you’re just starting out.  Brick-and-mortar publishing operations also sometimes offer proofreading jobs from home.  You can find such positions on the usual job hunting websites like  While you might be allowed to work at home with these positions, they often require that you live within the area so you can attend company meetings, and functions.

Pure proofreading jobs are considered rather tedious, but as mentioned, it’s a great way to prove yourself as a reliable online worker.  Due to the nature of the work, there are plenty of work at home proofreading jobs available.  Once you’ve established yourself as an excellent proofreader on sites like, it should be pretty easy to branch out into other areas that you might consider more interesting, fun, and that probably pay better.

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Hortense Hornbuckle

Yeah, low on the totem pole? Oh, excuse me oh elegant one…low on the ladder? Puhlease.

Try advertising for an Ass. Manger that must posses the following skils….



Did you proofread your article on proofreading?



This is a very interesting article. However, you need to hire a proofreader (like me) to correct the errors in the above article. Just by skimming the article briefly, I found 3 errors. Who knows what I would find if I spent more time on it.



These comments cracked me up. I went back and read too – and found several errors already. And I’m not even a proofreader. LOL



“This basic work can prove that you are reliable and have a eye for detail…” I believe that should be have AN eye for detail… WOW… and this is in an article on proofreading… Yes, too funny!


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