How to Write a Script for a Play

To learn how to write a script for a play, you have to open up your imagination. If the play is ever performed, the only instructions the actors have is what you put in the play script. You need to imagine exactly how you want the play acted out and portray that in the script so the actors have some guidance.

Start out by writing the plot for the entire play. It is better if you know exactly what is going to happen in the play so you can write the script a little more freely. It does not have to be more than a paragraph or two. Make sure you have a list of all the characters you want to use as well. You will need to include this character list at the beginning of the script anyway.

Once you have your plot paragraph, divide the main events into different acts, this is when you will need to decide how many acts you want. If you want it to be a short play, maybe you only want to have one act. The best way to set them up is to use the major events that are happening in the play. You want something unique to happen in each act so the play moves along smoothly and people stay interested.

Once you have your plot, acts, and characters, you can begin writing the script. At the beginning of each scene, make sure to describe the setting and specify which characters are in the room or location. If someone enters the room, write that this person enters. You need to be very literal as to watch happens. If a character chuckles softly, write that the character chuckles softly. The more information you give as to what is happening to who, the easier your readers will be able to understand it. It will also help the actors develop their characters.

Make it clear who is speaking. The most common way to indicate this is to put the character’s name before the dialogue. This is also the easiest way. Your script should be easy to follow and understand that, so the actors can concentrate on performing the best they can.

Once you have finished writing all the scenes in Act One, move on to writing Act Two, if there is one. Follow the same format. Describe the setting at the very beginning of the act and let the readers know which characters are involved. You can use this format for all acts in your play.

In order to really know how to write a script, you should keep in mind that it is very different from writing a book. A script is instructions on how to act a story out; a book simply tells the story and is not meant to be acted out. Make these instructions clear but allow for some creativity of the actors in their portrayal of the characters.

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