4 Fantastic Places to Make Money By Writing Articles

Currently, there is a growing demand for skilled article writers on the internet. With the internet community continuously growing, there is an increased need for unique and high quality content. The writing industry is booming and writing articles is slowly becoming a popular career alternative. If you have a flair for writing, the ability to juggle words and express your thoughts in a creative and appealing way, then writing jobs are just meant for you. Here are some areas where there is excellent scope for passionate writers to earn some extra income from the comfort of their homes.


Hubpages.com is an online community that provides space for the passionate writers to share and interact with hundreds of other authors. This is where Squidoo will be moving much of its content. You are free to recommend your favorite product or start a conversation or walk someone through a lip smacking recipe or even take a virtual trip. The choice is yours. It assures an enriching and rewarding experience as it promotes friendly conversations and interactions with people from various countries across the globe. This website enables you to not only earn some extra money but also share and enlighten each other.


This is an excellent site for content writers to publish their material and make some additional income. It is a social writing platform wherein you contribute your knowledge in the form of media content and generate some extra income. You also have an opportunity to view content created by others and hold conversations or debates on the topics that interest you. You can also contribute to charity in the form of donations. If you have the ability to create original and quality content then Infobarrel is the right place for you.


This is a traditional social networking model that allows you to express your thoughts, opinions and experiences and get compensated for this type of information. In short it is an article writing website that shares its revenue with its members. It is absolutely free to join. For every view, like and comment that you receive for the articles that you have posted on this site you earn money. Yes, your revenue sharing system is based on the social interactions that you receive.


This is a remarkably new writing community that is focused on people who want to make some additional income by writing on topics that they enjoy. This is a revenue sharing site that allows you to write and share your knowledge with the rest of the world and make money as well. Publishing your articles is absolutely free and requires no investment. If you intend to write articles and diversify your income from revenue sharing sites then Wizzley is the perfect choice.

If you have an intense passion for writing and looking for opportunities to make some extra income the above discussed websites will be highly useful. Choose one and make a living by writing articles.

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