8 Copy Editing Tips to Make Your Online Content Look Professional

The very thought of writing often terrifies people. Why? One reason is the misconception writing takes talent. Quite the contrary, writing is a skill, and one can improve and hone skills. The desire to learn and a few tips can help anyone make their written online content look professional.

Short and Strong

Bigger is not always better. In truth, a short sentence is stronger than a long one. All one needs to create a complete sentence is a subject and a verb. Clear and concise is the motto.

Avoid the Unnecessary

Unnecessary words are unnecessary distractions. Extra words take away from the point of the sentence. For example, “He knew he was right,” is direct and powerful. “He knew that he was right,” is wordy and pointless.

Single Idea Paragraphs

Jumping from idea to idea in a paragraph is likely to jump a reader right off the page. The purpose of a paragraph is to focus on a single idea. When one shifts to a new idea one should shift to a new paragraph.

Active versus Passive

Write in an active voice to keep attention active. A passive voice resembling “I will be writing,” or “I am writing,” is weak and vague. An active voice like “I write,” is powerful and draws attention.

Write versus Writ-ing

Adding “-ing” does not add zing to writing. A noun with “-ing,” is perfectly acceptable. A verb with “-ing” leads to weak, passive sentences. Sometimes “-ing” is necessary, but when avoidable void “-ing.”

Read Out Loud

As embarrassing as reading out loud may seem, reading what one wrote helps a writer to “hear” how everything sounds. This improves the flow of sentences, sentence and paragraph transition and grammar. Not to mention, writers catch quite a few mistakes this way.

Edit Friends

People who are too close cannot see the details. Writers become protective over what they write and blind themselves to mistakes and rough edges. A fresh perspective from a friend brings misspelled words, grammatical errors, passive voices and rough edges into the light.

Walk Away

Writer’s block is as common as the everyday cold and as frustrating. Walk away. Writers who try to force their way past the block tend to make the problem worse and produce poorly written material. Take time to relax, find a distraction, and focus on something else. Relieve the pressure and the dammed up words will flow.

Writing is a great tool to have. Make sure that you take the time to cultivate this useful skill. Once you do, you will learn that there is nothing that you can’t write about. If you are thinking about entering the world of online marketing, if you are able to write, you can make good money.

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