What Is The F Pattern And Its Significance?

We all are aware that readers online are not interested in wordy and long articles. In fact most people do not even concentrate reading half of the articles and instead just skip to the highlighted bullets or headings. A lot of people call this speed reading but speed reading implies reading each and every sentence a bit faster by only reading two to three words in a sentence and understanding what it means. The F Pattern, however, is something a little different that has risen in recent research.

What is the F Pattern?

“F” stands for Fast Pattern which also happens to resemble the letter “F.” Recent researches have observed the eye movements of many readers that were attempting to read most of the articles online. The pattern that the eyes shaped was quite different than that of a school reader. Instead of concentrating on each and every word or sentence, a lot of the online readers seem to be concentrating on a fixed pattern.

The end result was that observers found that most of their subjects were reading the precious articles so fast that most of the eye contact and concentration was mostly in places on the page that seem to form a vague F shaped pattern. They determined that the pattern then included the following components:

  • Main Horizontal Movement – The top bar of the F shaped reading pattern as readers most commonly read it completely from left to right; correlates with the very first part of the article.
  • Secondary Horizontal Movement ¬†Having a good idea of what the intro was about readers now skip to the middle of the article and start reading from left to right looking for important information, this movement is usually only half way through as readers tend to move to the next line whenever they found something wasn’t interesting.
  • Vertical Movement¬†– Readers are normally skipping down to the next segments of the article but still give concentration to the very first few phrases of the articles. This is why this movement is very slow and often skips. However, it is still a significant movement and people are still attempting to read the content at the beginning in of each line.

Significance of the F Pattern

Knowing the F reading pattern, people can now come up with ways to format their articles to allow important and significant information only in the important areas. This also allows ad companies to place ads only in areas that receive the highest eye contact.

This finding also shows us that users won’t read long and wordy articles completely. They tend to tire themselves out so they only concentrate on the first few phrases of the articles and follow up only on the parts that interest them the most.

Secondly it tells us that the top part of the article must contain the most important information that is the two horizontal movements as this is where readers spend most of their time trying to understand the articles. Such information is significant to authors and writers, because only now can they put in the most significant information in the area which gets the most attention.

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