5 Effective and Simple Ways to Deal with Writer’s Burn out

The ability to successfully deal with burn out, stress and anxiety is something that every writer must possess. This way, he will not have a hard time bouncing back after short or long periods of low productivity rate. Feelings of burn out will certainly hit not only those budding writers. Professional and tenured writers may also experience burn out. If you are having a hard time getting over such feelings, the following tips will prove to be helpful for you:

Stay away from your writing desk

This will help you find time to just unwind and think of ways to make yourself feel more relaxed. Never ignore feelings of burnout or else you will run the risk of suffering from too much stress and anxiety which can be very detrimental to your writing career. Take a warm bath, listen to your favorite music, or hop on a treadmill. Do anything that you want just to relax and avoid thinking about your writing tasks for the meantime. After relaxing, you can then get back to your writing task.

Make a list of ideas

It is completely normal for every writer to experience some highs and lows in terms of productivity rate. This is why the best thing to do is to come up with as many ideas as you can in times when you are in a state of high productivity mood. So, whenever you experience some down time on your writing productivity, you can just easily grab that list and be on your way again towards being creative.

Read, read and read

Reading may prove to be time-consuming for most writers. It is through reading that one will be able to become aware of what others have said about the latest talk of the town or about any other emerging issues around. Reading also has the power to shape one’s thoughts and ideas even without you noticing it.

Gather other people’s thoughts

Making yourself surrounded with intelligent and generous people will also help you ensure that you do not get stuck on a topic when you are experiencing burn out. By talking to your friends, colleagues and other supportive people, you will find yourself absorbing different ideas which can stimulate your thoughts.

Stop saying yes

Many writers suffer from burnout because they just keep on saying yes to more writing assignments. They never took the time to check their to-do list for the day and see if they really have enough time for any additional writing task. As a result, they end up suffering from much stress and anxiety not only in trying to meet deadlines but also in trying to prevent being mentally drained. Never overestimate your productivity rate. Remember that writers need to be more focused on quality outputs rather than quantity.

It may difficult at the beginning but eventually you will learn to ward off any symptoms of burn out before it starts crippling your creative mind. Keep these tips by heart so that feelings of burn out will cease to be a threat to your successful writing career.

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