Learning How to Write Movie Scripts

When learning how to write movie scripts there are four important parts to the process that aspiring screenwriters need to understand to complete a script. Those are fleshing out a movie idea, developing a treatment, script formatting, and finally the writing itself. Each part builds on the next in order to give you the very best chance of creative success. Skipping one to get to the other only makes it more difficult to write a well-written script.

Before writing a movie, you need to have a solid story idea. Start by coming up with a dozen movie ideas you have, the more the better. Then go through your list eliminating so-so storylines. You need to be excited about your idea big or small because writing a movie takes work and dedication. People that promise that it is easy are not being honest with you. The only thing easy about writing is quitting, but that will not happen to you if you learn the ropes before hand. Once you commit to a movie idea it is time for the next part of the process.

A script treatment is the full narrative description of a movie. This happens, this happens, and finally this happens. It follows the beginning, middle, and end of basic storytelling to convey a sequence of events. It can include character dialog or not. There are no hard and fast rules on how many pages a treatment has to be. Usually it varies from 5-25 pages depending how much detail you want to include. The purpose of a good treatment is to give you a roadmap as a screenwriter to follow.

Once you have a treatment to follow, it is important to use industry standard formatting guidelines. Purchasing screenwriting software online will ensure your script is correctly formatted when it is completed. Final Draft is one of the most popular choices of professional film writers. The script writing program has a user-friendly interface and easy to navigate menus. All the formatting is done for you effortlessly.

Now you are ready for the final part on how to write a script like a seasoned Hollywood screenwriter. The secrets are to let your story flow with each scene and line of dialog you write. Trust your movie idea, treatment and scriptwriting software that you invested in before you typing one word of your screenplay. Do not try to make the first draft of your script perfect. It is better to complete a first rough draft from start to finish before worrying about rewrites. The first draft will not be close to perfect, but you can go back and make changes until you a final draft a movie script you are proud of.

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